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  • Control of shipments

    At the same time fulfilling all the requirements for SPX transport, TAJ has the status of registered agent PL / RA / 00040-01 / 0620.

    Having a registered agent status creates new market opportunities such as:

    • Possibility of exemption from security checks of cargo coming from entities participating in the so- Secure supply chain (recognized sender, known sender, registered agent),
    • Reduction in operating costs (no need for additional cargo security checks at the airport)
    • Speed up the handling process
    • Increased credibility in the air freight market

    SWO – Protection measures
    TR – Transport
    Integrity of protection– a load secured by unlawful access from the time of security controls until the time of loading onto the aircraft (transport secured in accordance with paragraph of Regulation No 185/2011.)
    * A registered agent has the ability to outsource any task to a suitably authorized entity
    ** An air carrier may take on board only the cargo coming from a registered agent or carry out its own tasks.

    Source: 2017 Civil Aviation Authority